King's Meaburn

C2C - Westmorland Loop & Route 71

Route Section: Westmorland Loop

From Start. 99km (62m) | From Finish. 135km (84m)


Appleby-in-Westmorland 8km (5m)

Middleton-in-Teesdale 48km (30m)

Stanhope 69km (43m)


Out of Kings Meaburn

  • Continue down the road you came in on for 1.6km and take the left fork - the third turn off to the left - which will lead you into the fine market town of Appleby some 8km away.

About Kings Meaburn

A 7th and 8th century Anglo-Saxon settlement, Meaburn is an old English name derived from ”Meadburn”, which means “meadow by a stream”. It acquired the tag "Kings" in the 12th century, when King Henry II gave part of the village's lands to Sir Hugh de Morville, and the other part to his sister, Maud de Veteripont. Sir Hugh eventually fell out of favour with the King, after which the King reclaimed Sir Hugh's section of the land, and hence the name King's Meaburn. The land that belonged to Maud is still called Maulds Meaburn.

One notable event in the village was in 1745 when Bonnie Prince Charlie and some of his soldiers crossed the ford in the village on their way to rendezvous with more troops at Shap before the attempt to take the English crown fizzled out at Derby.