Rowlands Gill

C2C - Route 14

Route Section: Consett > Tynemouth

From Start: 190km (119m) | From Tynemouth: 32km (20m)


Newcastle 14km (9m)


  • The route in crosses the Derwent before following Burnopfield Rd for a short while and rejoining the Derwent Walk.

  • The Newcastle route follows the Derwent Walk. This is both scenic and easy to ride, taking you through some pretty landscaped areas alongside the river Derwent.

  • When you get to the Tyne go left and over the bridge to the Hadrian’s Way path. Although you start off on a rather unpleasant industrial stretch, you are soon back beside the river.

About the place

Rowlands Gill is a large village on the north bank of the Derwent. It iswithin Gateshead's greenbelt, and has a picturesque setting with much open space and views across the valley to Gibside Estate, now owned by the National Trust.

With the coming of the Derwent Valley Railway in 1867, Rowlands Gill became an economically viable coal mining village, and later a semi-rural dormitory suburb of commercial and industrial Tyneside.