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What tyres? Thorny old question…

February 23rd, 2012 by

Q: I bought the wife a 7.5 Trek for Xmas, believing the sales advice that the bike would be very suitable for the C2C, assuming we were doing the road route / purpose cycle paths but avoiding the designated off-road sections.  Since then though I have been getting conflicting advice saying that I need to ditch the narrow tyres and fit larger nobbly tyres.  I originally went for the narrow tyres, taking into consideration roll resistance, but now the Mrs is under the impression that fat tyres are required. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.  The good lady is a novice cyclist and will need all the help she can get to undertake the ride in 3 days. Fraser.

A: The sales assistant was right. So long as you avoid the really rough off-road sections, such as the ride over the Coach road out of Keswick, you will be fine. Normal tyres on a hybrid such as the 7.5 Trek will be fine, even on the traffic-free designated cycle tracks. Big nobbly tyres will make for much harder cycling and your ‘novice’ Missus will not thank you. Don’t forget to take spare inner tubes, as tyres – even nobbly ones -do get punctures.