Intensive Care Unit

In April 2009 my wife gave birth to our second son George, 3 months early. He was in intensive care for eleven weeks. To show our appreciation to Stepping Hill Neo-Natal Dept, Stockport, I decided to ride C2C with my Brother-in-law and two other friends.

We set the date to start on Friday 17th September 09. As I had not ridden a bike for several years I purchased a new one and got training. I live in the Peak District and  finding hills to practice was not a problem, however, Steve who lives near Cambridge found hill training a little more difficult!

We set off on our ride in perfect conditions, overcast and cool, this weather stayed with us until we reached Hartside on the Saturday. Here it turned to drizzle and went quite cold. It did clear up and on our third day when we set off from Rookhope it was perfect sunshine.

We were very surprised about how well the route was signposted and only got lost the once at Consett football pitches. Thankfully some locals turned us around and sent us on our way.

My good friend Matt drove a van which had been donated by a local firm and carried all our supplies and met us along the way. Coincidentally he is also a trained physiotherapist and it was great to get advice on warming up and also warming down!!

We raised £4,025 for the hospital charity which was much appreciated. We are now planning to ride it again in 2010 but now we have 8 volunteers. It is starting to look like an annual event!!

Gareth Woodward