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Go Slow: Win a copy of the 2010 C2C Guide book

July 14th, 2010 by

Please feel free to send more details of your trips, plus pix. In the meantime I would like to award a prize (a copy of the 2010 Coast to Coast book) for the slowest crossing. Come on folk, form an orderly queue and let me know who has taken the longest to make the crossing. In an era in which we are encouraged to perceive the world as a ‘Global Village’, we here at Cycle Guides want slow things down and turn the globe back into Planet Earth, a large and mysterious place which takes forever and a day to explore.

Sign up to A website is in progress and we’ll let you know more shortly…

In the meantime read crazy Rob Scott’s account of a non-stop C2C2C. We do not encourage such bravado, but I have to take my hat off (see his account, below).

Mark Porter