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Tyred of roads

March 30th, 2011 by

Q: Reading some of the trip accounts on your website (thanks) makes me a tad nervous. Like, the broken glass and reports of several flats near the Sunderland. I also note the many pictures that seem to show unpaved roads and rainy weather. I don’t mind a bit of warm rain, but the flats concern me. I ride a well-cared-for road bike, which hasn’t (knock on wood) had a flat in years! I attribute that good fortune to a keen eye and regularly checking the tires for cuts, etc. and ensuring the tire pressure is maintained. What condition are the roads that you recommend? Are they all paved? When not traffic free, are they easily shared with motor vehicles? John Hamilton. 23/11/09

A: Much of the C2C is off-road, along cycle paths that are perfectly user friendly. Inevitably you get mindless incidents of glass on path in built up areas. It has only bothered me once in about 10 C2C crossings. The thing to do is take a couple of tubes with you and keep your eagle eyes open whilst going through certain sections of Newc and Sund. The roads are generally quiet and have been chosen for their suitability for both combustion and pedal usage.