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The great tyre question…

April 18th, 2011 by

Hi there. I only have a road bike and am due to cycle from Whitehaven to Tynemouth next weekend. Would a road bike with road tyres be OK? (I’m not too technical minded so that’s the best way I can describe the bike). My main concern is that the bike has no suspension and some of the terrain looks like it could prove challenging. Ideally I want to know what my options are, whether its worth changing the tyres/wheels. Is there somebody who has cycled the same route as I will be doing who could advise on the kind of terrain i am likely to encounter?
Any help/advice would be appreciated

Dear Oli – no worries, your road bike will be fine. Avoid the off-road sections but you will be fine on the traffic-free stretches, which are made of good, compacted material. Okay, it may not be tarmac, but it’s mostly fine for road bikes. You might be best getting some reasonably robust tyres with tread. Ask at your local bike shop. If you did opt to take the off-road section out of, for example, Rookhope, you’d have to push for a couple of miles or so. But there are always alternatives. I assume you have the map and guide book? The 2011 guide comes out on Thursday and has new mapping showing quite clearly what the option are.

Regards, Mark